The main activities of the project are:

Research activities

  • Survey to a significative number of managers, coaches and football players (about 100 managers of football clubs, 200 coaches, 200 young football players);
  • In-depth interviews/focus group with managers, coaches and football players: 3 national focus-groups with key stakeholders from football - managers, coaches, football players etc (About 20 persons/each country, we will have 3 focus groups in each country – one for managers, one for coaches, one for football players).

Expert seminars

Taking place in Austria and in France.

Elaboration of Educational Materials

educational movies, manuals, power point presentations

Transnational workshops

Taking place in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece.

Multipliers events

Taking place in Multipliers events

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SEE Countries

Project Manager:

Rares Stanescu (National University of Physical Education and Sport, Bucharest, Romania)

Tel: +40722367456