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In the SEE-I project we will explore the structural weaknesses of football clubs by looking at 4 pillars of integrity:

  • Match-Fixing: According to the Expert Group on Match Fixing – EU Work Plan for Sport 2014 – 2017, “Match-fixing is in fact a symptom of the problems and challenges now facing many sports, as well as betting regulators and law enforcement agencies.”
  • Substance use: We will rise awareness on the anti-doping regulations (According to the Details of Treaty No.135, Anti-Doping Convention)
  • Sport ethics: we will encourage football clubs in SEE countries to publish clear guidelines on what is considered to be ethical or unethical behaviour (According to the Recommendation CM/Rec(2010)9 of the Committee of Ministers to member states on the revised Code of Sports Ethics.)
  • Corruption: SEE-I aims to increase knowledge of corruption in sport/football by trying to identify the players, methods and conditions that favour this.

The SEE-I project is innovative in the following aspects:

  • First research on the integrity of football clubs in the SEE countries.
  • The focus of the project is on the 3 key actors in a football club and the relations between them: managers, coaches and young football players.
  • Creation of an online Tools Kit that can be used by academic institutions, coaching associations that deliver sport training programs, football federations and football clubs
  • Training for about 100 managers, 100 coaches and 100 players with a mix of European trainers from 7 organisations, recognized for their expertise in Sport Integrity
  • High-quality training based on quantitative and qualitative research as a collaborative work of 3 Sport Universities under the coordination of IRIS - ranked in the world’s leading 25 think tanks on security and defence issues, which has for many years been working on the geo-economic and geopolitical aspects of sport.
  • Develop good practice exchanges between integrity experts in order to ensure an effective training on the 4 topics of integrity

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SEE Countries

Project Manager:

Rares Stanescu (National University of Physical Education and Sport, Bucharest, Romania)

Tel: +40722367456

Email: raresuniv@yahoo.com